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About 2 Sisters

Organizers Annabel and Joy share a passion for helping others with downsizing, home organizing and decluttering.  Their combined experience and complementary skills ensure a smooth and efficient job.  They can even make it fun!

Your goals are their guide to success. They provide all necessary advice, labor, and logistical support to get the results you want in your home.

About Us

Clearing out and fixing up a kitchen.

Organizing, Downsizing and Decluttering describe the process of taking control of space, goods and memories.

Clearing out a storage unit.

We use three R's:  Reduce, Recycle, Repurpose.  Reduce by deciding what you really want to keep.  Recycle by moving on the rest to to family/friends, charities or auction houses. Repurpose by using treasured items now, instead of keeping them out of sight - and out of mind.

Taking away a load of donations.

Remember: finding another 'home' for things you don't want benefits everyone! Don't let your possessions become a burden in your life. 


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Alexandria, Virginia, United States

(571) 969-0516